Upcoming Exhibition: An Unofficial Alumni

15 Sep

Upcoming Exhibition: An Unofficial Alumni.


Mother tongue

13 Aug

Did you shackle my hearts splinter?
Cover me in wine.
The centre of everything plays
in a time where there’s nothing,
she will always remain,
like lamp light to silver,
come play,
come play with me.
River ran through certain circles
to get to her place in time.
Uncoil my deepened spirit,
cover me in wine
spat up amongst the waves,
cradle me not from shelter,
but sever me instead.
Like a hand that plays in a pocket,
I draw out,
I draw dead.
”Deliver me,
deliver me,” I said.
Now I am She, re-visited.
Taste cotton on my wing.
Silken, speedy tongue,
my time has just begun.


31 Jul

27th May 2011

The other night I was awoken by the loudest noise I’ve ever heard in the middle of the night. Whilst I lay in bed, stiffened by the stifling noise, I had to wonder whether I was dreaming or not, it was still dark when I awoke but it must have been around 2 or 3am. The noise sounded like a helicopter or a small plane, it was so loud it sounded as if it was right outside my window, or hovering just above the roof. It seemed to linger there for around five minutes or so, I was absolutely terrified. What the hell was it? It seemed to move away a little and then it came back. Thoughts of aliens came into my head, what if something out there had come to take me away, to take me back home? What if they had been listening? Or what if it was someone or something sent by the government? Yeah, crazy I know, but these were the thoughts running through my mind. My heart began to pound at the thought of this and I broke out in a cold sweat, almost suffocating under my duvet, trembling like a rabbit. I wanted to run downstairs and wake up my house mate, but I would have only terrified her too and I didn’t want to upset or stifle her either. Finally, after about twenty minutes, it went away and I gradually fell back to sleep but the next morning it came to my mind..”What the flaming fuck was that?” Aliens, the government? Or just my own paranoia? Could it have just been a helicopter? Maybe the police on the look out for someone? But why did it hover so close and so loud outside my bedroom window at such a late time of night? 

This could have been my paranoia..but I’m not a paranoid person, (honestly) but even so, it did get me thinking..

I do believe there is other life out there, and I believe that they have and that they are trying to contact us. Another species, an intelligent species, a beautiful species. Calling from a place of Home. Maybe we’ve been put here on earth to learn a lesson, to experience and to learn. Maybe we’re coming to the end of that lesson; coming to the end of our birth.

The pod never fell far from its vein.
The cherry never far from its shell.
A bleak and solar energy, driving itself towards hell.
We’re ready for indifference.
We’re ready for change.
Take us to our ancestors.
Take us towards change.
Take us by the hand and lead
us out of our man made cage.

Above hope..

2 Jul

”We clearly don’t care about the environmental consequences of our greed, so we keep soldiering on, wishing for a miracle…” *

..Hoping that some kind of higher power out there will save us..some higher God will save us..hoping that some one else out there will save us..someone else will sort it out..leave it to the politicians. We’ve become so used to someone else doing it for us..too self reliant..too passive. Isn’t the truth that the only one’s that can save us is ourselves? Working together and working together with nature in peace and harmony? Have we forgotten what peace is? 

“The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.” *

We’re destroying ourselves, man is destroying himself, himself and nature, and we’re at a point now where it’s either going to be too late..or we can actually begin to use or minds positively to bring about change, together.

If man didn’t need nature, then how come we’re at the point we’re at now?..Food and water shortages, rapid climate changes, population increase, world hunger, animal neglect and abuse..Man has put himself above nature whilst forgetting that he himself IS nature. Man, animal, nature..is all connected. Until he realises this…do we have any hope left?

* http://guymcpherson.com/2012/05/when-all-is-said-and-done/

The day ‘the Torch’ came for us….

26 Jun

I just wanted to get on with my day. All I could do was to try to ignore the anticipation for the Olympic Torch being carried down roads in my local area. ‘A waste of money when savage welfare cuts are being made’ is the most easy to grab sentence attached to a web of reasons why the London Olympics should be a cause for concern. But it (in the form of the Olympic torch) came for us all; up  down the country it danced in the hand of a willing participant; the tune it played may have sounded like one for the people, for the joy of global participation, but it was playing the tune of nationalist pride so as we didn’t forget it so soon after the Jubilee. And, as soon it came close to your home, it was now an event one must not miss. ‘But don’t protest or anything, because that would send the wrong image to the rest of the world’.

Like with the sudden interest in ‘Kate Middleton’s dress’ by those previously disinterested, those who weren’t at all interested in the Olympics are now eager to see ‘the torch’ as the spectacle passes nearby. Why? What feeling does one get that concludes that it is something they MUST witness?
The old feudal identity of such nations as Britain clings on! Now, I am obviously not suggesting that the Olympics has anything Empirically to do with this feudal order, which openly continues in an opaque form, and secretly exists in a solid form, but all the events in such a country as ours exploit this feudalistic nature of this culture to demand interest form the population when push comes to shove regardless of their objective interests previously; old Europe, despite its superficial advancements is still pretty much the beast it was in medieval times. Of course, the best one can do is to ignore the entire spectacle; ignore the shouts for us to open our doors and run out onto our streets waving flags; don’t give it the power it gains from hype, be it positive or negative. But the media doesn’t allow this: it makes the hype so omnipresent that we cannot but help robotically repeat the latest gossip.

I would argue that 2012 as been a year of great counterrevolutionary endeavours by the power structure of this nation especially: all attempt has been made by the state to pacify growing conscious/and pure reactionary dissent (such as the riots) that to an untrained gaze seemed to spring from nowhere in 2011 to oppose the entirety of the insanity of capitalism under the easy to grasp banner of opposition to the cuts . I think anybody who wants a better future for us all had good reason to be optimistic at the end of 2011 that awareness and distrust in the system was growing. But this growing and justly felt threat the nation state feels, as it tries to protect capitalist interests from the people it claims to protect, had a great chance to be eased this year with so many ‘events’ which it could exploit to both distract people and give them a false sense of belonging and happiness, in the hyperbole that precedes the climax of such events – from which the ensuing emptiness one should expect to feel has hopefully (for the state) lost track of any of the likely causations. So far this year, it looks like they have done a very good job at distracting us.

But there again, once all this dies down and we all wake up to a society even worse than before the hype set in, things could actually really kick off.  But with weather patterns more dodgy by the year applying a background crescendo to the unavoidably obvious uncertainty about a century still in its infancy, what so scares me about all of this is also the source of what gives me most reason to get out of the bed in the morning and convince myself that I (with what little I actually do) may be part of a new human force to change things for the better.

Last years exhibition online tour from John Ledgers blog:

13 Jun

Heres the writeup from the Introduction to Globalsapiens exhibition at C.A.D.S. last year. Courtesy of http://johnledger.blogspot.co.uk



Globalsapiens: an introduction to Parallel Paranoia, Humans In Cages and Silently Chained – the respective alternate names for artistic collective Mikk Murray, John Ledger and Jade Morris. Each artist has, at some point in life, stumbled across these titles and found them poetically fitting descriptions of their own predicament as young adults in the 21st century: tied to lifestyles that they know are destructive to the planet and most often self-destructive; struggling forwards from this, trying to find cracks in a hegemonic social landscape that drags humans toward an ultimate battle with nature that we are certain to lose.

Thus this show cannot be a means to an end for Globalsapiens: it has to be the start not the end; one of many ‘atoms for peace’, clustering together, always growing never standing still, until their shout is big enough to make one final stand against a world ruled by money. This exhibition aims to resonate with all those who care but feel trapped and helpless to make a change, and possibly then inspire them to believe that they need not feel trapped and helpless.


As a society, our actions, our expressions, our reactions, all show signs that we are aware of living in end times. Make no bones about it; no matter how much we talk about getting married, getting a house, settling down, we reek of a dying civilisation.

This exhaustion of everything in our merry-go-round swap between being the exploiter to the exploited has to end. Nobody can predict what ‘end’ we can expect, but we can guess what the prolongation of this current manmade nightmare will lead to. But we can also guess and hope; to hope that “surely this can’t be the end of the human story just yet…!” Grim resignation is dangerous; hope generates possibilities – but hope is sometimes hard for one to maintain.

Globalsapiens are artist’s who are desperately trying to find a way forward into a future worth living in. Our instinct is to express – we may not be the most pragmatic/practical people, but our contribution is a desperate attempt to realise a new way of living for the sake of the human race (sound self righteous? No: all species battle to maintain their existence). The time is right. Artists have no future in this old world, they must end their post idealist malaise/capitulation to the business mentality and join the cause to act now to make a future worth living in.

We felt aligned by a feeling that our artwork seems too driven, and too real merely to be for exhibitions only – which often seem to just castrate it and make it nothing but mere consumer spectacle. This is a pressing concern that is played out within the show: we know that this is all our works may be, but we are still often driven by a powerful dream-boat of blind optimism that refers to the opposite, and seems to be generated by the ideological coding of the very system we are trying to help unwire. We want to help pave a way out of this bleak place our species (and the planet it has dragged down with it) has stumbled into, but we too often get too trapped in our minds to be/or do anything but what the system would happily have us be/doing – what keeps it thriving off human day-dreams and desires.

Nobody is in any place to preach. To resonate with others to generate in others. To alienate is to disintegrate. Let’s take the No Them, Only Us belief seriously again.

Human beings offer fundamentally special qualities to life on planet earth, and wherever else life may flourish. However, we are not better than the rest of life; if we were better we wouldn’t need it; but strip the life away from under our feet and we’d be dead before you could say the words ‘Easter Island’. Nevertheless, this is what out species is currently doing. But to say that we are a species of existential contradictions is to give up without even trying, and to let the idea of perpetual profiteering drag our eyes to the grey floor, where we watch our feet take one step at a time, in a potentially lethal small-world view.

This exhibition wishes to contribute to the voices of reason in this time of collective insanity.



Inside Humans In Cages’s isolated cell

Humans In Cages is feeling a little trapped, and without a vision of the future at present.

The weekly ASDA shop likes this

The capitalist system still advances across the face of the planet, destroying the world that we depend on to survive, and pressing the boot further and further into our faces, as freedom/democracy become obstacles stood in the way which must also be destroyed. But here I languish; informed but passive; not knowing which foot to put in front of the other; so letting faint hopes of something better do the walking for me.

Here in my cell there will constantly remain the doubt that my artworks/artist shows may end up as nothing more than self-profiling within the capitalist dictatorship of individualism; the fetishisation of the self in the forced-competition of status advancement, based on the ultimatum of prosperity and a terror of failure. Thus, everything I have done within my isolated little world sometimes feels so counterproductive: that the truth may be that I am simply bolstering the realism of a system my work fundamentally opposes in its messages, by seeking recognition, and respect from it, for my individual endeavours.

The cell contains the informed but passive self, critical but tangled in a knot of unwillingness and inability to step out of the capitalist version of reality. Most of the time I see no light at the end of the tunnel, and it has been said by many contemporary thinkers that ‘it is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is the end of capitalism’. But, now and again, there is a glimmer of something outside the cell; a crack through the screen of this ever-deteriorating normality.

Outside the cell, you will find traces of both what once was but was sectioned and boxed away, and what still just might have a possibility of re-emerging. A creativity that has no means to an end, but is perpetual/part of something moving. Even the creation of the videos in this exhibition reminded me of the act of being healthily spontaneously creative before the pressures of business objectives, and wage necessities in the latter and post-education years constrained me to (if I’m not careful) an ever-tightening ‘specialisation’, which could be described as an alienated endeavour, with the opinion of how the world will rate me amongst others always harpooning genuine concerns in my mind.

But this is only one side of the truth. The other side being that making these art works has been the most accessible and direct way of expressing concerns and wants for something massively more than just a hand up the status ladder, for years now, and is, actually possibly the only bringer of confidence to my self which has allowed this voice to be heard at all in the first place. It is the most accessible and direct way of expressing them. So, as well as this critical distance to the possible futility of making works for show in a late capitalist society, I still have hope that the messages in them can help change things, if not, I lose my only present voice.

I’ll do my best, but it’s hard trying to stop an exhibition become a means to an end from whereworking towards one final goal, (as anyone who as put on a major show will resonate with) leads to anti-climax, depression and a defeated-slump straight back into the realism of capitalism – to start right back at the beginning, but with less time than before.

Achieving And Getting Things Done

Inside Silently Chained’s isolated cell

They all smiled gingerly and meekly.
Had they simply forgotten, or had they never known anyway? I guess it is neither.
They’re neither alive nor gone.
Not until the hour of the moon crosses the path of the sun.
Then they will know, and they will realise, what they had known all along.
But for now, it is too late. Too late. Too late?

Inside Parallel Paranoia’s isolated cell

This painting (above) is from a series of works called Where have all the bees gone? Where a parallel universe was created to highlight the importance of bees to the ecosystem and our food supply. Without the bees that pollinate roughly a third of our food crops there would be less food around. The chain reaction could be devastating to the human race and all life on Earth. The disappearance and death of bees or Colony Collapse Dissorder (CCD) as it is somethimes known is puzzling scientists and researchers still with mites and pesticides being the main concerns.

In the parallel universe the bees have been lured into a lab by a mad scientist and experiments have taken place. For some reason the scientist becomes psychically connect to the bees and finds they will do as he wishes. The scientist sets about creating his own Utopian vision. Using the soldier bees to hold the planet under siege and turn things around. Food, shelter and equality for all. Harmony with all living creatures and the landscape the ultimate goal. Organic produce, waste reduction, ocean cleanups, knowledge and wisdom passed on to all. The trouble was the scientist did such a great job that he became some sort of a celebrity. A leader and ultimately was devoured by power and greed. Alan is a dog and he spends most of his time walking around in his horse suit. Alan is the mad scientist’s best friend. The horse suit is an extension of Alan and his status/power and also the scientist’s eccentricity. The portrait of Alan was painted by Mikk for the Scientist in 2027. “I didn’t have a choice!” he said.

Outside the cells. What’s happening out here?

Many of our endeavours are maintained by reliance on oil. Many of our endeavours are purely narcissistic – taught by the system to be so. Reflecting on this can sometimes make one see their own ‘achievements’ in a very different light. And is it really that precious? (this piece was once used in a Seawhite Of Brighton arts suppliers brochure, not black gooey paint, with a look of oil about it, drips down it).

Parallel Paranioa is in the process of filling up a paddling pool with needless consumer plastic waste. In another water filled area (The Pacific Ocean) a floating island of plastic trash twice the size of Texas is currently existing.

The Bretton Woods conference 2011

In the summer of 1944 delegates from 44 countries met in the midst of World War 2 to reshape the world’s financial system. The location of the meeting – in rural Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA – was designed to ensure that the delegates would have no distractions, and no pressure from lobbyists or congressmen, as they worked on their plans for post-war reconstruction. The New Hampshire Bretton Woods is part of a land grant made in 1772 by royal governor John Wentworth, which he named after his ancestral home (West) Bretton, in Yorkshire, England.

In the summer of 2011, Globalsapiens met in the midst of a global meltdown (financially, environmentally and socially) to throw around their own ideas of making a better world, with changes being needed now more than ever – A HUGE ALTERATION IS NEEDED. The location of the meeting – In rural Bretton woods in West Bretton, Yorkshire, England – is a symbolic gesture: the USA Bretton woods conference reshaped the world after the war, to prevent the problems (financial crisis’s for example) which led to the war; shaping the world for the past 60+ years, and beginning global capitalism as we know it today.

We need a Bretton woods conference now! Not to reinstate capitalism but to figure out how we can move beyond it. The sources of power whom we would usually assign these tasks to have gone insane; a systemic press-ganging on anything which tries to halt the forces of big business – which leaves this conference to people assumed-powerless like us (Globalsapiens). In this mock-version of an all-important conference, we will speak about, and demand a better world; suggesting, through the thoughts and words they never speak, both what these all-important meetings should really be about, and also emphasising what is more important; assigning the decision making to the assumed-powerless.

(clip from video)

Waking up and staying awake has never been easy….

what next?…………

Open Your Eyes

26 May

The sun and moon came together in a curve

They never let themselves get hurt

An unfinished curse

Rests on mother earth

Living in a world

Whose worth

And birth

Has gone unrecognised

Open your eyes

Open your eyes